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Tracking HR and Payroll-Related Changes in Dynamics GP Has Never Been Easier

January, 2021


“Who made the employee change? When was it made? What changes were made in this a specific pay period?” Do any of those questions sound familiar? These are common questions HR and accounting professionals are asked and expected to answer quickly and with certainty. Luckily, there is functionality to do just that if you are using Dynamics GP.

For customers utilizing GP’s Human Resources and Payroll (HRP) modules, greater visibility into employee-related payroll data is available with Microsoft’s FREE Detailed Activity Tracking Tool for Payroll and Human Resources. This is a great feature, but one that is often ignored when GP is initially installed and configured.

It’s one of KeelCo customers’ most commonly requested add-on tools for HRP. Why? It allows you to track, with certainty and clarity, the changes made to payroll-related data in your organization. With Microsoft’s FREE Detailed Activity Tracking Tool for Payroll and Human Resources, you aware of changes made to employee pay rates, taxes, benefits, deductions, and much more – and you get the added control and audit benefit of seeing a timestamp for each modification and which GP user made the change.

As HRP professionals, the ability to access comprehensive reports regarding this ever-changing information is incredibly valuable. Getting your hands-on requested trends and/or information from specific pay periods can be overwhelming or even impossible if you don’t have the right tools to help gather and report on pertinent data. With the added functionality of the FREE Detailed Activity Tracking Tool for Payroll and Human Resources, you can feel confident in retrieving and delivering an HRP change report to management or auditors in a detailed and timely manner.

Below is a comprehensive list of GP tables this tool provides a change report for:

  • BE010130 – Human Resource Benefit and Deductions
  • UPR00300 – Payroll Tax Master
  • UPR00900 – Payroll Employee Summary
  • UPR00100 – Payroll Employee Master
  • UPR00400 – Payroll Pay Code Master
  • UPR00500 – Payroll Employee Deduction Master
  • UPR00501 – Payroll Deductions Based on Master
  • UPR00600 – Payroll Benefit Master
  • UPR00601 – Payroll Benefit Based on Master
  • UPR00700 – Employee State Taxes
  • UPR00800 – Employee Local Taxes
  • DD00100 – Direct Deposit Employee Master
  • DD00200 – Direct Deposit Employee Account Master

Why not start to leverage Microsoft’s FREE Detailed Activity Tracking Tool for Payroll and Human Resources today? It will provide you greater transparency and reporting functionality for your HRP team in no time. Contact me at or 540.207.5316 – I will be happy to answer any question, assess challenges with your current HRP environment, and help you to download and install this FREE tool.

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About Kelly Marinoff

Kelly joined Keel & Company from a Dynamics customer site in January 2019. Her roles at the customer included Internal Audit and Financial Systems Administrator. She was the internal liaison for KeelCo’s 2017 rollout of Microsoft Dynamics GP, a full-blown financial and HRP project that came in on schedule and under budget. Kelly is a proficient data analyst, report writer, and coveted Dynamics GP trainer. Her unique insight as a user and consultant, coupled with domain expertise around Human Resources and Payroll compliment the Keel & Company team. Kelly has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Richmond and worked as an auditor at KPMG and Financial Database Administrator for the University of Virginia Alumni Association. She lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband, Seth, and their dog, Gracie. She’s a community volunteer for incarcerated women with substance abuse challenges and loves vacationing in the Florida Keys.

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