User Adoption Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM

Get Everyone On Board

Your CRM solution powered by Microsoft D365 may be the most robust, comprehensive customer relationship solution on the market; but without user adoption across your organization, much of the value is squandered. Despite the benefits presented by CRM solutions, many businesses struggle to get employees to utilize them. KeelCo works with you to ensure your employees are onboard from the get-go and receive the necessary training to be impactful.

The Key is to Go Mobile

The best way to accelerate user adoption is to make CRM functionality and date availability on the go via mobile devices. Studies from Forester and others have shown 50% of sales teams improved productivity with mobile CRM access. Nucleus Research report found that for companies using a mobile CRM, 65% are achieving their sales quotas, while only 22% of reps using non-mobile CRM have reached the same targets.

Delivering Functional Features That Lead to Successful Adoption

Results beget increased engagement. KeelCo is here to help your organization create a D365 for CRM environment that appeals to your employees and encourages them to utilize the solution – we will configure user-friendly interfaces, seamless integrations with Microsoft Office and social applications, and provides mobile features that allows access anytime from anywhere. Let KeelCo train your customer engagement teams on how best to leverage D365 for CRM.

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