Microsoft Dynamics GP Transitions to Azure

Dynamics GP and the Cloud:

You Can Have Both

Microsoft and KeelCo have an answer for Dynamics GP customers demanding a shift to the cloud from on-premise IT infrastructure. Transitioning your GP systems to Microsoft Azure preserves your investment in critical systems configurations and integrations while enabling your users to continue business as usual with the same interface and functionality they know and love.

Don’t be sold on a cloud strategy that leaves Dynamics GP behind! In the case of GP on Azure, there is no need to compound monthly ERP subscriptions with the costs of leasing infrastructure – you will likely save money while also achieving your organization’s cloud objectives.

What is Azure?

Azure is a secure cloud platform service created by Microsoft and used by IT professionals to build, test, and deploy applications across multiple Microsoft-managed data centers. Essentially, Azure is an IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS) option from Microsoft that enables organizations to reduce or eliminate the ownership costs of maintaining in-house servers.

While 95% of the Fortune 500 companies reportedly rely on Azure for trusted cloud services, companies of all sizes use Microsoft Azure in their digital transformation.

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