Solutions and Expertise Needed to Meet Your Specific Challenges

KeelCo succeeds in implementing, customizing, and delivering Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle NetSuite to organizations across North America regardless of industry; our implementation methodology and consulting track record is unmatched. With that said, KeelCo offers an added level of understanding and knowledge in several industries that require a greater degree of expertise. With an acute understanding of the unique business challenges seen in these sectors, KeelCo is a preferred implementation partner for the following industries.

Restaurants, Hospitality, and Franchise Operations

Efficiently managing the operation of several businesses and locations at once while having the ability to support an on-going growth strategy is a leading challenge and need for companies in this industry. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.


Behavioral Health and Medical Care

In an industry where there are multiple stakeholders – from patients and providers to government agencies and insurers – the ability to provide efficient, secure, and accurate management of sensitive information is paramount. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.

Sports, Media, and Entertainment

Businesses in these industries need an agile solution that scales and can adjust to constant change. These companies also need robust tools that address complex financial reporting and system integration demands. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.

Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution

Many businesses in these industries require advanced supply chain capabilities that address quality assurance, packaging, lot and serial tracking, as well as labor, machine, and order management. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.

Government, Education, and Not for Profit

Organizations in this sector need the efficiency and effectiveness technology solutions provide while maintaining focus on accomplishing something greater for our communities. These customers need a solution offering that deliver robust tools without the headache of complicated and high-maintenance systems. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.

Building Aggregates and Construction

In an industry of on-going complex projects, KeelCo’s customized solutions help construction management professionals deliver projects on time and on budget. Learn more about what KeelCo provides.


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