Power BI Reporting and Data Visualization Services

Bring Your Data to Life

Microsoft’s Power BI bring business intelligence to life, transforming organizational users into master storytellers of the insight that has traditionally been hidden within their data.  Get the most out of Power BI with visualization services delivered by KeelCo.  Together, we can work with you to understand when, where, how, and what business data is collected and shared.  With our data visualization experts, you will connect the dots embedded in your raw numbers to form clear and effective Power BI formatted visualizations.  Allow KeelCo to demonstrate and support your team in unlocking Power BI functionality needed to create live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other effective visual representations.

Create Visuals That Aide in Strategic Decision Making

One of the most powerful aspects of Power BI is its user-friendly design and functionality – allowing anyone in your organization the benefit of effective reports and real-time analytics. Ad-hoc reporting, or reporting on demand with Power BI, allows employees access to data-rich information in a digestible format without the assistance of dedicated IT professionals. Watch the video.

What Do You Want to See?

With so much data stored across multiple sources, deciding where to start with Power BI can seem overwhelming. KeelCo experts will listen, then help you define what your goals are objectives for identifying the information want to uncover. From there, we will build efficient connectors to your source data, establish reports for your desired metrics, and publish the information in lean visualization formats that analysts and decision makers within your organization will love.

Power BI Ad-Hoc Reporting and Query Services

Whether your organization wants to start with the FREE Power BI Desktop tool or is looking to upgrade to Power BI Premium, KeelCo will work with you to ensure ad-hoc analysis and query tools are in place and easily accessed by members across your organization.


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