Upgrade and Server Migration Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Benefit from the Latest Functionality

Dynamics GP is one of the most popular ERP solutions available on the market and has assisted nearly 50,000 businesses with enterprise resource planning requirements for decades. Even as Microsoft includes Dynamics GP as a part of their Modern Lifecycle Management program, Dynamics GP users still need to be aware of features and timing for system upgrades.

Many businesses have deferred upgrades and maintenance leading to outdated and unsupported software and infrastructure. KeelCo helps customers maximize Dynamics GP by understanding which upgrades are necessary and most beneficial, versus those that can be postponed. In all cases, KeelCo seeks to achieve the most cost-effective solution for customers based on their specific needs and budget limitations.

Ensuring an Optimal GP Solution

At KeelCo, we make customer performance a priority. With a team of experts who have supported Dynamics GP for almost 30 years, KeelCo provides comprehensive and affordable consulting regarding any applicable upgrades and database migrations that need to occur. We will ensure your GP solution – including all third-party applications – is up to date and that you get the most from your investment. Contact us if you have questions related to your organization’s GP upgrade and to review what new features you can expect.

Dynamics GP and the Modern Lifecycle Policy

Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, since the October, 2019 release, Dynamics GP has the same Modern Lifecycle commitment from Microsoft as its cloud-based Dynamics 365 ERP brethren.

This shift from Fixed Lifecycle support (with a defined de-support/sunset date) to Modern Lifecycle support with no end in sight signals Microsoft intends to continue enhancing and supporting the solution. KeelCo remain equally committed and continues to invest in its growing GP practice. Because of Modern Lifecycle, users should expect to see more frequent annual updates to GP. These GP updates are easier to manage and deploy versus larger version upgrades you may be accustomed to historically.

Customers wishing to stay current should deploy at least one of the three GP releases committed by Microsoft annually. Visit our Resources Page for KeelCo blog posts related to Modern Lifecycle updates and timing for critical GP year-end release dates.

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