Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Gain Greater Insight into The Data You Have

You have centralized your operations and accounting systems onto D365 Business Central, and all of your organization’s ERP data is finally being collected in a single database – why not take the extra step to ensure you can report and share this information with Power BI? Are you aware that D365 Business Central users receive a FREE Power BI license to view and create reports?

Getting insight into your D365 Business Central data is easy with Power BI. This data visualization system from Microsoft retrieves D365 Business Central data allowing you to build reports and dashboards based on that data. As the preferred report writer for all D365 solutions, Power BI allows for customized reports and graphs with drilldown functionality, even allowing you to merge data from multiple D365 Business Central companies. Keep staff productive with reports embedded into the ERP system, so users don’t have to leave D365 Business Central to stay informed. KeelCo can also help you create more complex executive dashboards accessible from mobile devices or your secure Power BI website.

An Extension of Your Business Central Solution

While Power BI easily integrates with all Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions, it can be argued one of the solutions it syncs with best is D365 Business Central. Microsoft has invested in extensive integration with Power BI and D365 Business Central. Inquire of KeelCo to make sure you are leveraging the intended benefits and synergies of these two solutions.

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