Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution

A Solution Posed to Meet Your Ever-Changing Demands

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors must constantly adapt to increase profits by decreasing costs, improving revenues, and optimizing assets. KeelCo’s ERP solutions, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, enable companies to take on these challenges by tailoring ERP solutions to specific business processes – helping them better manage their resources, optimize assets, forecast financial outcomes, and make smarter business decisions.

“Brian and Larry were referred to us by a trusted friend at Microsoft, and we weren’t disappointed. Their team offered great solution-based pricing that fit our budget as we were deciding between Microsoft D365 Business Central and Dynamics GP. A sincere interest in Pedigree’s business and project success was clear, making Keel & Company a great partner for such an important and strategic decision.”

Wade Wilson

CEO of Pedigree Technologies, Fargo, ND

“Keel & Company has been a trusted advisor to Frazier since 2011. We regularly depend on their professionals to navigate the Microsoft solutions channel. They helped architect and deliver on our vision for an integrated Dynamics ERP, CRM and BI solution, all while taking ownership of our heavily-customized legacy systems in the interim.”

David Gregory

Chief Financial Officer – The Frazier Quarry, Harrisonburg, VA

End-to-End Control

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Benefit from a 360-degree view of your entire supply chain, from suppliers, to distributors and end-consumers.

Real-Time Reporting

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Effectively interpret disparate data across your organization to make more strategic decisions.

Predictive Capability

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Anticipate needed resources, inventory, and demand with greater clarity.

Ensure Transparency and Efficiency Throughout the Entire Supply Chain

Many businesses in these industries require advanced supply chain capabilities that address quality assurance, packaging, lot and serial tracking, as well as labor, machine, and order management. KeelCo understands these needs and our solutions meet these requirements simply and efficiently. In addition, our Microsoft Dynamics solutions integrate with other critical systems to ensure the availability of information to decision makers.

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