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Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare

Keel & Company delivers Microsoft Dynamics as an effective healthcare management software solution that helps organizations provide the best patient treatments by giving healthcare professionals the back-office tools they need to operate as efficiently as possible.  Microsoft Dynamics helps healthcare organizations at all levels meet the competing challenges and needs of the entire healthcare ecosystem, which can include complex federal regulations, supply chain partners and consumers/patients.

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with clinical applications and processes, healthcare organizations can enhance caregiver collaboration and gain access to simple, real-time financial reporting related to healthcare programs and services.  Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP and contact us to see how we can help your healthcare organization operate more efficiently.

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a bridge between your different systems which may include an EMR solution.  Equip your organization with an approach to patient relationship management that will not only increase efficiency in your processes, but improve your patients’ experience.  Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and contact us to see how we can help your healthcare organization take your care management to the next level.


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